General Director /Academic Director / Communications Manager / US Contributor

TUTORIAL IDIOMAS has a team of translators, editors and interpreters specializing in different areas, with profound knowledge of English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German and Spanish.

A professional in charge of the translations department analyzes the various parts of the text that will be translated and determines the work methodology and the most appropriate translator for each project. According to the characteristics of the text, we use different computer assisted translations tools (CAT Tools) that allow the optimization of quality and delivery time.

Translations are completed by a translator, edited by a second translator and reviewed by the Translations Department Coordinator, before the final delivery.

TUTORIAL IDIOMAS translators have higher education in translations, proven experience and quality assurance.

Our translations areas include:
  • Technical documents:Manuals, guides, pamphlets, business correspondence, contracts, etc.
  • Legal documents:Certificates, passports, diplomas, contracts, etc.
  • Public Translations:As Licensed Translators we are authorized to translate your public documents.
  • Interpretations consecutive or simultaneous
  • Web Pages
  • Editing works that are to be published.


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