The Company

Since 1997 TUTORIAL IDIOMAS IDIOMAS has specialized in high quality personalized teaching services in business and professional environments. Rather than a training center, we are an organization dedicated to dentifying and to satisfying the needs of the market.

That is why the Academic Area Supervisors, aiming for excellence, have designed training plans that specifically target the development of those language skills that are respectively related to each activity.

Our services include the following areas: Language training: English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese for young people and adults:
  • in-company
  • work address (legal, accounting office, etc.).
  • at home
  • at the hotel you are staying at when traveling
  • in the provinces
  • in Buenos Aires
Preparation for international exams (Toefl, Cambridge University, Trinity University, etc.)
Translation workshop: legal, commercial, technical texts, etc. Services in Argentina and the world via Internet. Interpretations (consecutive and simultaneous)
Intensive workshops for senior staff


TUTORIAL IDIOMAS is a team of professionals that has abilities and experience in various areas, dedicated to language training services in English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, as well as translations for companies and individuals. Our main goal is to become an effective link between the individual and the foreign language, providing the necessary tools for developing the ability to solve communication situations searching and using updated content and innovative technologies.

We are highly qualified for teaching languages in-company and at-home suggesting a training plan adapted to your company or personal interests, increasing profitability and value added for each employee at your company.

Our method of teaching (Natural Transmission Methodology) not only allows you to develop your oral and comprehension abilities but also, and above all, it allows you to think in the language of interest.


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